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Welcome to Shelters Plus

SheltersPlus is a non-profit foundation working in solidarity with the poorest of the poor,
building houses, providing shelter, education and healthcare primarily in El Salvador and Mexico.

Building a Home in El Salvador


Meet the Boys of Hope House


dininghall/boys.jpg dininghall/twoboys.jpg dininghall/diningboys.jpg dininghall/boy.jpg

"I lived on the streets of Guadalajara, eating from trash cans. I come to Hope House,
now I go to school and learn a trade."

John Smart, a loving husband, father, and grandfather believed in helping others in need. On hearing of the double earthquakes of 2001 John was determined to help the poor of El Salvador rebuild their communities. As a developer, this was a perfect fit. John had founded SheltersPlus after his retirement in 1996. Under his leadership over 160 homes have been built in El Salvador. John died in 2008. His wife and family continue the work of the Foundation.


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