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"My oldest son had rickets because he had no milk. At the Community Center my other children drink milk everyday and are healthy." Dorotea, El Cedro Community center

How You Can Help
$30 - Feeds a Child
$50 - Window of Opportunity
$100 - Doorway of Hope
$500 - Basic Building Block
$1000 - Shelter the Family
$3,600 - Builds a Home
Monthly Contribution - Change Lives


You Can Make a Difference
in the Lives of the Poor

Shelters Plus and their donors provide funds for people in the Communities of the Poor to live in decent, sustainable housing and to feel safe and secure in their communities.

Become a Partner by Making a Donation

All Donations are appreciated and tax deductible.
Send Donations to:
Shelters Plus
P.O. Box  350
Huddleston, VA 24104

Airfare, food and lodging are paid for by the individuals traveling to the designated sites.


"I could work the rest of my life and never be able to have a house like this. It does not leak. I do not make many repairs. Now my wife has money to buy a tablecloth."

Jorge, Shelters Plus house beneficiary