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"I place the block for the houses and earn $68.60 for each house I build. I picked coffee for $2.00 a day." Juan, Shelters Plus laborer

In cooperation with local residents and in country Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in
El Salvador and Mexico, SheltersPlus:
Provides earthquake resistant and stable housing in El Salvador.
Supports a boys' orphanage in Mexico.
Builds community centers.
Promotes a healthy environment for families. 
Allows families to lock their doors.
Empowers families and children with a greater sense of dignity.


El Salvador
Over 160 homes have been built by Shelters Plus. Recipients of these 40 sq. meter two to three room houses are chosen by the base community. Consideration requires families to have title to the land and participation in the construction thus creating a sense of pride in ownership. SheltersPlus uses in country labor and materials contributing to the local economy. The average cost of each house is $3,600. The average number of beneficiaries in each home is six persons.

In addition to purchasing and renovating the house and property for Hope House, an orphanage for boys, SheltersPlus has funded a new sewage system, built an outdoor dining area and continues to provide the funding for the yearly operating expenses of Hope House. The boys are provided with transportation to local schools, receive tutoring in-house and have access to a workshop where they can learn a building trade.


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