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The Smart Family Foundation t/a Shelters Plus is a 501©3 non-profit private organization incorporated in 1996 under the laws of the State of Maryland.

 True to our roots in the building industry our primary focus is to provide shelter for those who are “the poorest of the poor.” Shelters Plus is dedicated to working with non-profit organizations to provide sustainable low cost shelter to families and children who are victims of natural, disasters, live in wretched housing, and have absolutely no means of providing adequate shelter for themselves.

Additionally as a small family foundation we have the flexibility to provide direct services for immediate humanitarian needs. We partner with “in-country” agencies and charitable organizations. In visiting the people of El Salvador and Mexico we are present to those who are recipients of our funding. It is in being present that we are in solidarity with the poor.

 All contributions go directly to the projects. Airfare, food and lodging are paid by the individuals traveling to designated sites.


"At Hope House I sleep in a clean bed and eat good food." Armando



                       Board of Directors

 Officers                                                                Directors     
 President: Patsy Smart                                    Dave Cappellari
 Vice-President: Kevin Smart                            Pat Carr    
 Secretary: Mike Carr                                       Clint Shay  
 Treasurer: Patsy Smart                                    Ted Smart

"No one will ever work their way up out of poverty without secure sustainable shelter."

John Smart




John Smart, a loving husband, father, and grandfather believed in helping others in need.
On hearing of the double earthquakes of 2001 John was determined to help the poor of El Salvador
rebuild their communities. As a developer, this was a perfect fit. John had founded SheltersPlus
after his retirement in 1996. Under his leadership over 160 homes have been built in El Salvador.
John died in 2008. His wife and family continue the work of the Foundation.